SVI Services, Inc.

Established in 2009 and incorporated in California, SVI Services, Inc. (“SVI”)  is a leading provider of Supply Management Services. With primary office in Northern California and operation centers strategically located across the country, Africa, Asia and Europe to serve its clients, SVI has gained recognition as a global Supply Management Services provider.

In the last six years, SVI has provided Supply Management Services to clients across a broad range of industries, with concentration in the energy, power, utilities, oil & gas industries. In addition to SVI’s core business of Supply Management Services, SVI offers Engineering, Technical and Project Management services, enabling SVI’s mission to become a leading provider of Integrated Supply Management Services.



In today’s volatile and highly competitive business environment, companies face the need to drive more value out their global supply chain, while minimizing systemic risks and improving overall performance. SVI’s services and offering have been carefully designed with these challenges in mind.

Although most companies continue to invest in the latest technologies and other tools necessary to increase productivity of their supply chain operation, many of them still have sizable skills gaps or adequate resource capacity to effectively manage the supply, especially when it is related to infrastructure projects.

To address the above challenges, SVI strives and continues to invest in the development of end-to-end supply management services and solutions, enabling performance excellence of any organization’s sourcing, procurement and management of their goods and services.

SVI’s process excellence and utilization of Lean Six Sigma and Value Engineering tools, coupled with the deep experience, capabilities and flexibility to integrate such into the company’s in-house supply chain operation has demonstrated to create long-term profitability and client’s value.

Our service offerings are truly differentiated in the marketplace because they embody deep functional capability; take an end-to-end value-driven approach to performing large scale supply chain transformation.