Supply Management

SVI is a leading and global provider of Supply Management Services to clients across a broad range of industries, with concentration in the energy, power, utilities, oil & gas and other infrastructure related industries.

In today’s volatile and highly competitive business environment, companies face the need to drive more value out their global supply chain, while minimizing systemic risks and improving overall performance. SVI’s services and offering have been carefully designed with these challenges in mind.

Although most companies continue to invest in the latest technologies and other tools necessary to increase productivity of their supply chain operation, many of them still have sizable skills gaps or adequate resource capacity to effectively manage the supply, especially when it is related to infrastructure projects. In addition to the resources and skills issues, most companies are lagging in the development of latest supply chain processes.

Furthermore, most companies give less attention to the development and implementation of a formalized supply performance management program and the pursuant of a continuous improvement culture in their supply base.

To address the above challenges, SVI strives and continues to invest in the development of end-to-end supply management services and solutions, enabling performance excellence of any organization’s sourcing, procurement and management of their goods and services.


Supply Chain Strategies

Regardless of the industry, business environment and or requirements, effective Supply Chain Strategies require a careful integration and synchronization with the overall business strategies. Leveraging leading practices across various industries, SVI has developed a Supply Chain Strategy Framework, which can be implemented as a whole or in “modules” structured in a manner to support the client’s environment and needs.


Sourcing and Procurement Services

Most companies use Sourcing and Procurement initiatives to reduce cost and gain competitive advantage. However, the cost reductions benefits are sometimes sub optimized or the benefits are eroded later on due the lack of adequate resources, skills and adoption of Sourcing processes.

SVI addresses this challenge by taking a more holistic approach to every Sourcing and Procurement initiative. From assessment, to strategy, and to implementation, SVI’s Sourcing and Procurement Execution Framework includes the integration of common tools such as Six Sigma. Combined with SVI’s subject matter experts (SMEs) in Sourcing and Procurement, the approach, process and tools enable best in sustainable results.


Supply Chain Transformation

To maintain competitive edge, organizations must change, transform and evolve over time. However, major transformation initiatives are notorious for not delivering sustainable results, primarily due to a lack of effective organizational transformation. To address this common challenge, SVI has invested in the development of processes and execution methodologies for a “7 Steps Organizational Transformation” trade mark.


Supplier Relationship Management

SVI’s services offering include a comprehensive and holistic Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) model, which can be provided in a bundle or individually to meet the client’s needs. Our Integration Trademark, which is complimentary for each engagement ensures the modules are integrated into the client’s processes and operation.

SVI Services works on a common set of SRM practices and processes that drive consistent interactions and open communications between the supplier and buyer by providing the guidance and resources to tackle these complex initiatives.


Materials Management, Transportation & Logistics

An an Integrated Supply Management (ISM) services provider, SVI has developed best in class processes, solutions and services excellence for managing and handling materials. , including but not limited, logistics and customs clearance. Such services are deployed and managed as a “Third Party Services” or managed and integrated into the client’s operation.


SVI’s Differentiators

SVI’s integration of Lean Six Sigma and Value Engineering tools coupled with the deep experience, capabilities and flexibility to integrate into the company’s in-house supply chain operation has demonstrated to create long-term profitability and client’s value.

Our service offerings are truly differentiated in the marketplace because they embody deep functional capability; take an end-to-end value-driven approach to performing large scale supply chain transformation. When teaming with SVI, clients have access to SVI’s senior management, a dedicated core of deeply experienced and skilled resources and a network of supply chain services partners across the globe.

In addition to our insourcing services to clients, SVI provides procurement and materials management services through a dedicated Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) center or through the network of our global BPO partners.

We work with our clients across a broad range of industries to address key supply chain transformation challenges and or gaps such as:

  • Global Sourcing – Identifying, selecting and qualifying suppliers around the globe.
  • Business Integration – Integrating the organization, technology and process for sustainable results and performance excellence.
  • Supplier Continuity – Performing risk assessment and developing mitigations plans
  • Performance Management – Supplier relationship management and performance management, including but not limited to contract management, metrics, KPIs, risk management, etc.
  • Continuous Improvement – Lean Six Sigma implementation to drive continuous improvement